How to prepare baby’s room in one week

How to prepare baby's room in one week

You can ride it in just seven days. That’s what we did, with consulting from interior designer Aly Simonetti

The first step is to set the color of the room. According to Aly Simonetti, interior designer, this is a very personal choice, which will force the couple to think about the rest of the décor and match the tones and style of the room. And haste does not necessarily mean smooth walls. An original idea, like stripes on the wall, may be faster than it looks.

Objects for decoration
Animals, books, boxes and other decorations can be bought and taken home on time. Gather all and choose the ones that match the colors and style of the future room. Sometimes it pays to spend more on a special object that will make all the difference in the decor, and use the rest to reinforce the idea.

The models available in the market for prompt delivery are many. Another suggestion is to set up a bookcase with wooden shelves sold in specialty stores. Generally, the material comes with all the necessary instructions for assembly and does not require much skill.

Almost always it is sold to order, but most children’s furniture stores have models for prompt delivery. If there are few options, prefer the basic and straight models – which makes it easy to combine with the rest of the décor. See if the height is adequate for your height, to avoid future back pain. Remember to have a place for the toilet kit. If the exchanger is small, provide a small shelf to place above it.

It is advisable that the environment has indirect light, so it is good to opt for a weak light bulb. Prices vary greatly depending on the model, but nothing prevents you from using a piece you already have at home: a quick and economical solution.

Many stores have versions to be taken on time. Choose the basics, which you can then migrate to other rooms in the house. It is best to decide on easy-to-clean fabrics, such as synthetic leather.

Here are the same advice for buying the exchanger: choose basic models, straight and available for prompt delivery. Having casters in the foot, different heights for the mattress and a lowering side are welcome and practical options. When buying white lacquer furniture, remember that there are glossy and frosted versions, and the production will be more interesting if all the furniture follow the same line.

The most common is to have quilts, cradle protector kits, changing mats and custom cushions, but there are good varieties of models ready for immediate sale in various patterns, colors and fabrics.

Keep an eye on the colors of the room when choosing the rug, found for immediate sale in a huge variety of colors, fabrics and formats. A good tip is antiallergic and easy to wash materials.

A good white cotton curtain is easy to wash and leaves the baby’s room beautiful and with a dim light. Some shops specializing in construction and decoration have ready-made kits for you to assemble the curtain in a practical way, including rods and argolinhas. Others offer cut of fabric of the size you want, at the time of purchase.


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