How to organize the house with the arrival of the children

How to organize the house with the arrival of the children

Check out the tips we have prepared to help you with this task.

Accounts and papers
Placing all the bills in a drawer might be a good idea. Choose one from the kitchen to deposit everything that arrives and, within a folder, those that have not yet been paid. Schedule the payment of the accounts through the bank’s website. The ideal is to organize all the paperwork once a month – which will be easier than putting in order on the next tax day delivery week. Use a folder with tabs and separate them by type – and, if you have, by expiration date. You have to keep the majority for five years.

Do not lose the remote control
These devices will disappear when your child learns to walk. Leave a basket on the living room furniture where all the controls should stay.

Organize the photos
You do not know what to do with the photos that clutter in the computer? There are several ways to organize them. One tip is to use sites like Picasa and Flickr. Another suggestion is to separate them into folders by events and by date, such as “Tom’s birthday at the club, 20/2/2011”. Delete the ones that did not look good and those that are going to be printed are in the “I need to print” folder. You can use Photoshop or iPhone apps to handle the photo. Every three or four months, print. Before you get them, buy albums. On the following weekend, turn Sunday into “Album Mounting Day”. Your son will love it.

Take care of important documents
The folder with partitions, again, is the best option. Have one for each member of the household and put a label with the person’s name. Leave the subjects in alphabetical order.

Leave money for contingencies

In an emergency, the person who takes care of your child can buy the missing homework material, for example. Leave a reserved amount and agree that you need to always ask for invoices. Having a prepaid credit card is another solution.

Separate what is left:

In your wardrobe … Ask yourself: How long has this piece not been used? Is it punctured, torn? Is it worth saving until you regain weight before? If the clothes go through this sabatina, it stays.

And the children’s … The older “leaving” pieces are used at home. For the rest, ask if it’s worth customizing or if it’s for your younger brother or your cousin. Does your child lose clothes in a short time? Set aside in a drawer so you can pull it out of the closet without having to look at it all over again.

Write down the “tasks that are nobody’s business”
Do not be afraid: put on the list what everyone needs to do, including tasks that are not anyone’s business, such as watering the plants, taking out the trash, feeding the dog. Paste this list into the refrigerator for each person to know your “mission”. Younger children can help with simple tasks. If they can not read, ask them to draw what they have to do.

Choose the same place to:
* Upload your phone. Prevents it from running out of battery or forgotten at home.
* Put the car keys, purse, wallet and sunglasses (so you do not leave taking the key of your companion’s car).
* Save extra control of the gate.

Trends in decoration in your favor
For those who do not have a person who helps in cleaning, having many objects of decoration is a problem. Get it out of the way.

• Mount a tent in the living room or bedroom and place the toys inside.

• In the bedroom, use a bedspread on the bed with no pillows or pillows.

• Use blinds to curtains and carpets with leather straps to mats, for example. They are easier to clean.


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