Are you going to clean the house? Use natural products

clean the house

Call your child to help with small tasks and choose cleaners that are less environmentally friendly

Did you decide to hit the house? Well, know that your child can help with some small tasks. Make up the bed and the toys themselves, throw water on the plants, take the food dish to the sink …

By participating in housework, your child feels part of the family. Just be sure to offer activities consistent with his age and keep you away from stoves, glass and cleaning products.

While your child takes care of the small tasks, you make the cleaning “heavier”. And be aware: any cleaning agent should be kept away from children – even “home-made” ones. Because they do not have a sanitary surveillance seal, there is no evidence that any component does not cause future skin and post-inhalation problems.

Among the alternatives, look for those derived from plant components. The ideals are those made of pure essential oils with cleaning properties. Below, check out some home-made product tips:

Ecological detergent


– Six liters of water;
– A piece of neutral coconut soap;
– Two lemons;
– Four tablespoons of ammonia (which is biodegradable)


– Melt the coconut soap, chopped or grated, in a liter of water;
– Then add five liters of cold water;
– Then squeeze the lemons. Finally, pour the ammonia and mix well;
– Store the resulting product in bottles.
– Do not forget to label them so that nobody confuses the product

Bathroom Disinfectant

1 liter of alcohol (preferably 70º)
4 liters of water
1 homemade soap
leaves Leave the eucalyptus leaves in the alcohol for 2 days. Boil 1 liter of water with the grated soap, until dissolved. Add water and the essence of eucalyptus. Bottle up.


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