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Tips for removing stains from children’s clothing


Grease, chewing gum or pen ink. Did those spots appear impossible to leave? Check out our tips for letting children’s clothes clean

Do any stains appear impossible to remove? At these times, home-made tricks can save that brand-new T-shirt your son won and dirty with grease. Check out these tips:

Chewing Gum
Wrap an ice stone in a plastic and go where the gum sticks. Another tip is to put the clothes in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for three hours. The chewing gum will be hard; there, just scrape the fabric to remove it.

Wet the fabric with water and pass a solvent such as acetone. Let it act on the stain and then wash with white soap and plenty of water.

If the stain is still fresh, put white soap on it and remove with cold water. Colorless detergent can also solve. Just apply it and rub the fabric.

Pen ink
There’s no way around it. The most you can do is lighten the stain on white pieces. Spray alcohol and soap and rub well. On leather, jeans or colored clothes, the stain does not come out. Spending alcohol will make the fabric fade.

Wash the fabric with water only and then pass soap on stone to the yellowish stain. Leave it in the sun for a few hours and rinse.

How to prepare baby’s room in one week


You can ride it in just seven days. That’s what we did, with consulting from interior designer Aly Simonetti

The first step is to set the color of the room. According to Aly Simonetti, interior designer, this is a very personal choice, which will force the couple to think about the rest of the décor and match the tones and style of the room. And haste does not necessarily mean smooth walls. An original idea, like stripes on the wall, may be faster than it looks.

Objects for decoration
Animals, books, boxes and other decorations can be bought and taken home on time. Gather all and choose the ones that match the colors and style of the future room. Sometimes it pays to spend more on a special object that will make all the difference in the decor, and use the rest to reinforce the idea.

The models available in the market for prompt delivery are many. Another suggestion is to set up a bookcase with wooden shelves sold in specialty stores. Generally, the material comes with all the necessary instructions for assembly and does not require much skill.

Almost always it is sold to order, but most children’s furniture stores have models for prompt delivery. If there are few options, prefer the basic and straight models – which makes it easy to combine with the rest of the décor. See if the height is adequate for your height, to avoid future back pain. Remember to have a place for the toilet kit. If the exchanger is small, provide a small shelf to place above it.

It is advisable that the environment has indirect light, so it is good to opt for a weak light bulb. Prices vary greatly depending on the model, but nothing prevents you from using a piece you already have at home: a quick and economical solution.

Many stores have versions to be taken on time. Choose the basics, which you can then migrate to other rooms in the house. It is best to decide on easy-to-clean fabrics, such as synthetic leather.

Here are the same advice for buying the exchanger: choose basic models, straight and available for prompt delivery. Having casters in the foot, different heights for the mattress and a lowering side are welcome and practical options. When buying white lacquer furniture, remember that there are glossy and frosted versions, and the production will be more interesting if all the furniture follow the same line.

The most common is to have quilts, cradle protector kits, changing mats and custom cushions, but there are good varieties of models ready for immediate sale in various patterns, colors and fabrics.

Keep an eye on the colors of the room when choosing the rug, found for immediate sale in a huge variety of colors, fabrics and formats. A good tip is antiallergic and easy to wash materials.

A good white cotton curtain is easy to wash and leaves the baby’s room beautiful and with a dim light. Some shops specializing in construction and decoration have ready-made kits for you to assemble the curtain in a practical way, including rods and argolinhas. Others offer cut of fabric of the size you want, at the time of purchase.

How to organize the house with the arrival of the children


Check out the tips we have prepared to help you with this task.

Accounts and papers
Placing all the bills in a drawer might be a good idea. Choose one from the kitchen to deposit everything that arrives and, within a folder, those that have not yet been paid. Schedule the payment of the accounts through the bank’s website. The ideal is to organize all the paperwork once a month – which will be easier than putting in order on the next tax day delivery week. Use a folder with tabs and separate them by type – and, if you have, by expiration date. You have to keep the majority for five years.

Do not lose the remote control
These devices will disappear when your child learns to walk. Leave a basket on the living room furniture where all the controls should stay.

Organize the photos
You do not know what to do with the photos that clutter in the computer? There are several ways to organize them. One tip is to use sites like Picasa and Flickr. Another suggestion is to separate them into folders by events and by date, such as “Tom’s birthday at the club, 20/2/2011”. Delete the ones that did not look good and those that are going to be printed are in the “I need to print” folder. You can use Photoshop or iPhone apps to handle the photo. Every three or four months, print. Before you get them, buy albums. On the following weekend, turn Sunday into “Album Mounting Day”. Your son will love it.

Take care of important documents
The folder with partitions, again, is the best option. Have one for each member of the household and put a label with the person’s name. Leave the subjects in alphabetical order.

Leave money for contingencies

In an emergency, the person who takes care of your child can buy the missing homework material, for example. Leave a reserved amount and agree that you need to always ask for invoices. Having a prepaid credit card is another solution.

Separate what is left:

In your wardrobe … Ask yourself: How long has this piece not been used? Is it punctured, torn? Is it worth saving until you regain weight before? If the clothes go through this sabatina, it stays.

And the children’s … The older “leaving” pieces are used at home. For the rest, ask if it’s worth customizing or if it’s for your younger brother or your cousin. Does your child lose clothes in a short time? Set aside in a drawer so you can pull it out of the closet without having to look at it all over again.

Write down the “tasks that are nobody’s business”
Do not be afraid: put on the list what everyone needs to do, including tasks that are not anyone’s business, such as watering the plants, taking out the trash, feeding the dog. Paste this list into the refrigerator for each person to know your “mission”. Younger children can help with simple tasks. If they can not read, ask them to draw what they have to do.

Choose the same place to:
* Upload your phone. Prevents it from running out of battery or forgotten at home.
* Put the car keys, purse, wallet and sunglasses (so you do not leave taking the key of your companion’s car).
* Save extra control of the gate.

Trends in decoration in your favor
For those who do not have a person who helps in cleaning, having many objects of decoration is a problem. Get it out of the way.

• Mount a tent in the living room or bedroom and place the toys inside.

• In the bedroom, use a bedspread on the bed with no pillows or pillows.

• Use blinds to curtains and carpets with leather straps to mats, for example. They are easier to clean.

Are you going to clean the house? Use natural products


Call your child to help with small tasks and choose cleaners that are less environmentally friendly

Did you decide to hit the house? Well, know that your child can help with some small tasks. Make up the bed and the toys themselves, throw water on the plants, take the food dish to the sink …

By participating in housework, your child feels part of the family. Just be sure to offer activities consistent with his age and keep you away from stoves, glass and cleaning products.

While your child takes care of the small tasks, you make the cleaning “heavier”. And be aware: any cleaning agent should be kept away from children – even “home-made” ones. Because they do not have a sanitary surveillance seal, there is no evidence that any component does not cause future skin and post-inhalation problems.

Among the alternatives, look for those derived from plant components. The ideals are those made of pure essential oils with cleaning properties. Below, check out some home-made product tips:

Ecological detergent


– Six liters of water;
– A piece of neutral coconut soap;
– Two lemons;
– Four tablespoons of ammonia (which is biodegradable)


– Melt the coconut soap, chopped or grated, in a liter of water;
– Then add five liters of cold water;
– Then squeeze the lemons. Finally, pour the ammonia and mix well;
– Store the resulting product in bottles.
– Do not forget to label them so that nobody confuses the product

Bathroom Disinfectant

1 liter of alcohol (preferably 70º)
4 liters of water
1 homemade soap
leaves Leave the eucalyptus leaves in the alcohol for 2 days. Boil 1 liter of water with the grated soap, until dissolved. Add water and the essence of eucalyptus. Bottle up.

Want to keep the air more pure in the house?


Air that circulates indoors can also be harmful to your family’s health. Check out the tips for maintaining a healthy environment

How about renewing the quality of the air inside your home? We usually only worry about street pollution, but the air circulating indoors can also be harmful to your family’s health. An American research published in the scientific journal HortTechnology drew attention to ozone levels indoors.

According to the scientists, to avoid the concentration of this pollutant, considered one of the most harmful to the quality of the atmospheric air, it is enough to have plants in the house (or in the office). Among the species indicated as the most efficient are the Sansevier trifasciata (Sword of Saint George), python (Epipremnum aureum) and Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum comosum).

And it’s not just to combat ozone that it’s important to have plants indoors. They can also transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, regulate the humidity of the air and still capture some pollutants through its leaves, roots and microorganisms.

Some species also have specific purposes; check out:

· Gerbera, begonia and chrysanthemum: indicated against cigarette smoke. Use in rooms and bedrooms;

· Azalea and Anthurium: Combat pollutants such as VOCs and ammonia. They are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms;

· Cacti: fight electromagnetic waves. The tip is to place them next to the microwave and televisions

· Orchid butterfly: indicated to balance the humidity;

· Christmas Flower and Lily: for poorly ventilated rooms.

Tips to keep your air from getting cleaner

– In addition to plants, avoiding excess chemicals can make a big difference to the health of your entire family;

– Cleaners, paints and varnishes are considered to be major pollutants in homes, as they are formulated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These substances are released into the atmosphere and can cause discomfort such as irritation in the airways, fatigue and shortness of breath;

– To avoid contact with VOCs, do not buy cleaning products formulated with chlorine, formaldehyde and solvents. Another precaution is to prevent clandestine workers, without their own packaging or label that describes the chemical contents and indicate the manufacturer;

– Try to know and test the ecological cleaning products that exist in the market. Give preference to those who have a certification seal;

– Another alternative is to look for homemade alternatives and equally efficient. The vinegar strips fabric stains, neutralizes strong odors, removes grease and cleans tiles, stoves and pans. Baking soda is used to clean sinks, bidets and toilets, and it also replaces chlorine in the removal of limo – just let the baking soda act for an hour and then remove the lemon juice with a mixture of lemon juice and salt;

– When disinfecting environments, use hot water and soap;

– To remove dust, opt for brooms, vacuum cleaner and cloths. This reduces the use of strong chemicals;

– At the time of the cleaning, prefer rags rather than disposable towels;

– When painting the rooms of the house (and especially the children’s room), choose water-based paints and keep the room well ventilated and natural in the process;

– All environments deserve the same attention, but some spaces need extra care, like kitchens with hoods or hoods, which accumulate dirt on the filters. Grooves or “cracks” in sinks and floors should also be observed, as well as the bathroom stall – in this rather humid space bacteria and fungi may arise;

– In the baby’s room, avoid the use of fragrances with “baby-scented” fragrances, since these products have a high concentration of VOCs;

– When washing baby clothes, give preference to coconut soap, which is neutral and less harmful to skin and nature;

– For the children’s bedroom floor, choose vinyl flooring and rubber mats. These materials, in addition to protecting your child from falls, are easy to maintain;

– Clean the air-conditioning duct every six months. If someone in the family has an allergy, this cleaning can be done every 3 months.

Commercial Projects in Noida Extension – Provide Accurate Information


Commercial projects in Noida Extension are the one which are the outside financial specialists have offered up a go-ahead to the Indian venture approach for the land area which has helped the nation recover support as a favored speculation goal in the Asia Pacific locale.

Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi were positioned 12, 15 and 20 by review respondents as best venture urban communities, as per the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2018 report, together distributed by Price water house Coopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City were the best venture urban communities all around.

The report likewise noticed that the Implementation of the products and ventures impose (GST) and a year age’s demonetization have not just made liquidity issues for the land area yet in addition affected speculation and advancement prospects of the urban areas, in this way pulling down their rankings.

While Mumbai positions twelfth in the rundown of favored venture goal for 2018 — greatly down from the second rank a year ago, and it remains at the eighth opening regarding improvement prospects. Thus, Bengaluru and New Delhi remain at fifteenth and twentieth position individually in the speculation goal positioning against 1 and 13 separately a year ago, while they are at the sixteenth and eighteenth positions individually, on the improvement goal positioning.

Mumbai positioned twelfth in venture, eighth being developed: Mumbai remains the money related capital of India and thus it has profited from the current quality of India’s capital markets. Retention has in this way been solid, driven by request in cooperating, assembling, and administrations organizations. Another segment now drawing expanding outside speculation intrigue is retail, says the report.

Albeit relentlessly declining, as quoted by  Commercial projects in Noida Extension the  Mumbai’s office opening rate (at around 17 per­cent) keeps on being high, and with a pipeline of approaching supply totaling around 40 percent of existing stock, fun­damentals would have all the earmarks of being negative. In all actuality, notwithstanding, Mumbai keeps on falling behind in term of Grade-A stock, implying that any new supply is immediately taken up and that rental development for those properties stays solid, says the report.

Commercial Projects in Noida Extension

Bengaluru positioned fifteenth in venture and sixteenth being developed: The city is rising as India’s middle for the business procedure outsourcing (BPO). The city’s reputa­tion as an IT focus went about as a magnet for scores of outside organizations to set up outsourced-benefit offices there. Early remote financial specialists in this segment purchased salary delivering resources in business stops in conjunction with neighborhood accomplices and scored some major suc­cesses. Some of these advantages have now been reserved available to be purchased, specifically by means of India’s recently developing REIT area, which is relied upon to dispatch its first IPO in the primary quarter of 2018.

Today, administrators of BPO offices in Bengaluru have announced rental development of around 8 to 9 percent annu­ally, together with solid new inhabitant request. In any case, Bengaluru’s BPO story may now decrease as the emer­gence of robotization and manmade brainpower innovations makes a long haul delay interest for back-office and client benefit works all around.

New Delhi positioned twentieth in speculation list and eighteenth being developed rundown. New Delhi stays disagreeable with financial specialists contrasted and other real Indian urban areas. This, as indicated by the report is mostly because of an accentuation on improvement in the private area, which has as of late been in a downtrend, by the  Commercial projects in Noida Extension.

While this has made a chance to supply bridging fund, very few nonnatives have sought after this alternative. As a gathering, northern India developers have a tendency to be overleveraged and are frequently holding extensive arrangement of top of the line lodging, a benefit class that is in oversupply. Many tasks have been liable to long postponements and some devel­opers have gained a poor notoriety subsequently, says the report, of the Commercial projects in Noida Extension

Be that as it may, there is more prominent potential—the minute the [residential] markets turn, Delhi will be one of the principal urban areas to begin seeing a pickup, it notes.

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Tips for removing stains from children’s clothing

Grease, chewing gum or pen ink. Did those spots appear impossible to leave? Check out our tips for letting children's clothes clean Do any stains appear impossible...

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Call your child to help with small tasks and choose cleaners that are less environmentally friendly Did you decide to hit the house? Well, know that...

Want to keep the air more pure in the house?

Air that circulates indoors can also be harmful to your family's health. Check out the tips for maintaining a healthy environment How about renewing the quality...